Buried and left for dead by his former posse, a skeleton cowboy marionette begins his journey of revenge, aided only by his gritty resolve and trusty pistol. He will track his betrayers down, one by one, and bring justice upon them. They will pay a mean price on their own turf, from the plains of the high desert, to the swamps of the bayou, to the east Asian mountains, down to the depths of the undead underworld. Nothing can stand in his way, nothing will stop him on the vengeance trail.

The Gunstringer

Your typical undead marionette cowboy, the Gunstringer is on the vengeance trail, hunting down his old posse who shot him in the back and left him for dead. He may look small, but what he lacks in height.... and skin... is more than made up for by his determination and his dead-eye shooting skills. As his puppeteer, pull the Gunstringer from his grave and guide him on his path to righteousness as he hunts down his band of betrayers one by one. Is no one safe from this gritty gaucho? Only you can decide.

The Wavy Tube Man

This one legged sky dancer is the first to meet his fate against the Gunstringer, and with good reason. Usually working outside car dealerships or gynecologist offices, the Wavy Tube Man was responsible for setting the plan to murder our puppet protagonist into flailing motion. The Wavy Tube Man never speaks, but instead responds with cryptic waving maneuvers. Is he excited? Angry? Is he just a blank personality? Only the Wavy Tube Man truly knows, and the Gunstringer aims to find out with guns blazing.

The Oil Baron

The CEO of Big Oil. He is the embodiment of a fatcat oil tycoon with a ten gallon hat, seersucker suit, and walking cane. At first glance, he'll lull you into a deal like a used car salesman with dignity and morals. But he's cunning and this isn't his first rodeo; he'll die to protect his empire of Texas tea. Only one question remains: can he stand up to a hero who's already dead?

The Brothel Madam

The proprietor of the "La Barrage Castors", the tallest and most established cabaret establishment in the French Quarter. While getting on a little in the years, she's incredibly smart and resourceful, and uses her southern hospitality in conjunction with ruthless strategy to become successful in whatever she tackles. Can the Gunstringer resist her...uh..."charms?"

The Beard Master

An elderly ninja who has mastered the powers of, you guessed it, a massive beard! When originally recruited into the posse, the Beard Master was at the peak of fitness. Now that the posse has disbanded, and with the Gunstringer dead, he's let himself go a little. While he's still a master of his craft, he finds it hard to get around sometimes. However, the Gunstringer better be razor sharp when facing this foe.

The Lady of the Dead

Her real name is Mictecacihuatl, and she rules over the afterlife as the queen of the underworld. She's like the Queen Mother with an evil side, presiding over festivals like the Dia de los Muertos. Originally she was born as an infant and then sacrificed (and you think Gunstringer had it bad). The Lady and the Gunstringer used to be an item back in the day; her betrayal hurt him the most. She's extremely dedicated to her role, and doesn't take kindly to people trying to cheat death. Can the Gunstringer escape the cold grip a second time?

The GatorJack

This half human / half gator puppet is the scourge of the bayou. Upon witnessing his conception many years ago, the Gunstringer tried to wipe the horrid memory from his mind. However, those memories all come rushing back to him when their paths cross once again. This monstrosity has a deep seeded hatred for our skeletal hero and will stop at nothing to break him. Can the Gunstringer do anything to soothe this savage beast?

The Sheriff

The most dastardly of the Oil Baron's hench-puppets, this plush portrayer of paltry puppettude will sell his own mother to make a quick buck. He has no morals, no values and isn't a very good sheriff to boot! This coward will go out of his way to keep the Gunstringer from bringing him in to his own prison. However, the Gunstringer has other plans for this malevolent moppet.




Fruit Ninja