Splosion Man

Game Features


The first button in Splosion Man is: Splode!
The second button in Splosion Man is: Splode!
If it is your first time playing Splosion Man, you have to Splode! Need we say more?

100 Levels:

Play through 50 fast paced Single-Player levels, for those who want the glory all to themselves, or just don't 'play well with others'. Or, play cooperatively with up to 4 players through an entirely new set of 50 challenging levels. Splode off each other to reach greater heights and work together to ensure the safe completion of each level. Team up against monstrous Boss characters!

Splosive soundtrack:

Custom interactive sound tracks for single and multi player modes, that change when player(s) splode! (Soundtracks are available for free download on the Free Stuff page)

Way of the Coward:

Stuck at a certain point you just can't get past? Skip the level and come back to it later! Of course you will suffer some minor humiliation and have to wear a tutu afterward... but at least you can keep on playing!

Leader boards:

Try for the best time and compare your scores with your friends to see who is the best Sploder around!

Splosion Man Video:

Complete the game and watch the bonus Splosion Man Music video during the credits!