Splosion Man


Splosion Man

The biggest mistake Big Science ever made. Splosion Man was created in their laboratories originally designed as a weapon. Once he was made, Splosion Man escaped and they have been trying to stop him ever since. Made entirely of Splosive material, Splosion Man leaves a wake of destruction behind him, and turns the malicious scientists into meat with his splodalicious abilities.


Henry is one of the Big Science team's Scientists. He enjoys creating all sorts of deathtraps to use against Splosion Man, but just like the rest of the Scientists, he is merely human. He may be able to create some dangerous hazards to overcome, but somehow he always forgets some mundane detail, allowing Splosion Man to turn his traps against him.


Wilson is one of the Big Science team's Scientists. He too spends his time developing new ways to try and stop Splosion Man. His birthday is coming up, and although he is frightened at the thought of being sploded, he'll still take the time to celebrate with his fellow scientists and a yummy cake.


Riley is one of the Big Science team's Scientists. Despite being a vegetarian, Riley spends most of his time experimenting on animals that have been donated for research. He gets an odd pleasure out of the horrible tests he subjects the poor helpless animals to. But don't worry, Splosion Man has a special splosion saved with Riley's name on it.


Conway is one of the Big Science team's Scientists. He enjoys long walks in the lab and operating large machines that make up for his small size. He may seem harmless, but like the rest of the scientists, he only wants to get rid of Splosion Man. Get him alone, and he is no match for your splosions.


Danklefsen is one of the Big Science team's Scientists. He has an insatiable hunger for donuts, and his thick, fatty body can adsorb quite a bit of damage. He isn't very scared of Splosion Man, simply because he is too interested in his tasty pastries. Splosion Man can take him out with several splosive hugs, but sometimes his fat protected body can be useful for other obstacles.

Lab Creature

These cute, er... unique little animals are the result of the horrible experiments that Big Science has created in their labs. It's hard to believe these mutated beings started out as ordinary house pets that were donated to the company. Splosion Man has a soft spot in his splosive heart for these guys and tries to free as many as he can along his way through the lab.


The Rollerbot is one of the smaller enemies you'll encounter at Big Science Labs. But don't let that fool you, he is quick on his wheel, and even quicker to attack. Patrolling back and fourth, the rollerbot is like a guard dog, always watching for intruders. Your best bet is to try and sneak up on him for a splosive surprise.


The shooter bot is an airborne attack robot that usually hunt in packs. their huge lasers can take out their target from great distances, but their one weakness, is they must hover in place when shooting. If you can avoid their laser beams and time your splosions right, you might just scrape by these hunters.


The Grenadebot is another creation of Big Science, designed to stop Splosion Man. This robot has protective armor which can withstand ordinary splosions. However, it's creators didn't think about protecting it from it's own grenades. If you can avoid getting nailed, you just might be able to turn the table on the grenadebot and use his own weapons against him.


The Charger is a giant robot, controlled by a scientist from the cockpit on it's head. This Big Science creation is one of the most challenging enemies you'll encounter. A simple splode, won't do this time. With his huge stride, the Charger will run you down if you don't act quickly and reach his De-activation switch, which is inconveniently located all the way at the other end of his chamber.

Mighty Eternal

An enormous robot, recently constructed for one purpose, to destroy Splosion Man. He's been waiting patiently, in his quiet hangar, for Splosion Man to wander in and meet his doom. This bad boy is equipped with dozens of missiles, and powerful lasers, not to mention his brute strength that will crush Splosion Man like a grape.


This Scientist has found away to enhance his abilities by mind and body altering potions. If one potion doesn't work, he'll try another. With is enormous throbbing brain, he will assault you with telekinesis until you give up, or find away to defeat him.


This horrible monster is the final enemy you'll face at Big Science Laboratories. Ever notice how the scientists you kill turn into meat? Ever wonder what happens to that meat after you've sploded on to the next stage? Meatenstein happens! This nasty meat-o-saurus that towers over Splosion Man is the result of all your meat making escapades, coming back to haunt you one last time.

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