Ms. Splosion Man Available on iOS, Steam, WP7 & G4WL

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03/28/2013 – It’s been a long road, but Ms. Splosion Man has finally made her way to the iOS, Steam, WP7 and G4WL marketplaces.  We were hoping to launch in late summer of last year but we obviously missed that mark.  As I’m sure you can imagine, bringing the scope of content from a console title like Ms. Splosion Man to mobile devices represents a lot of work, and we didn’t want Twisted Pixel’s very first mobile game to be a suck, so we took the time it needed to make sure it was awesome.  Playing it now, we’re certain the extra time was worth it.

Since our team here is fully immersed in LocoCycle, we couldn’t have done this without some outside help.  That’s why we turned to the super talented crew at Iron Galaxy in Chicago to get the pretty pink protagonist onto the mini screen, as well as Firehose and Panic Button Studios to port Ms. Splosion Man to PC.

Available now, expect the PC and Steam version to be a faithful adaption of the Xbox 360 version.  It includes all 50 single player levels with crazy ending, the 50 level 4-player online & shared screen co-op campaign with separate ending, tons of unlockables, 2 girls 1 controller mode, four epic boss battles, secret exits leading to hidden levels, and everything else the console version has to offer. G4WL and WP7 available now as well.

In the iOS version, available now, you can look forward to this being a new and upgraded experience.  This iteration of the game features many franchise firsts, such as the introduction of powerups and 1,500 challenges to complete and earn “fame.”  The 6 new powerups give Ms. Splosion Man all new ways to splode like slowing down time, nuclear sploding, four splodes, super speed, and more!  You’ll need to find and utilize these powerups to mop the floor with the challenges that will be thrown your way, such as racing against speedy ghost replays that were recorded by our elite QA staff.

Getting Ms. Splosion Man ready for four new platforms has been extremely challenging, to be sure, but also a rewarding labor of love.  Please check it out and let us know what you think.  We’ll be here working on fixes and updates!