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Frank is a Teltarian, a technologically-advanced and peaceful race who has never known war or evil. Unfortunately, the Teltarian planet has been quarantined because of the psychic emanations from the stones on their head, a mood indicator that has no effect on other Teltarians but causes emotional disturbances in other life forms. Frank's special abilities keep Maw from devouring him and allow them to build their friendship.


Loyal, indestructible, hungry. If he weren't a threat to all life in the universe, he'd make the perfect pet. The Maw can digest and absorb the characteristics of anything he consumes, and his growth is unlimited. Possessing mental prowess that lags behind that of a newborn puppy, Maw isn't much threat on his own, but his relationship with Frank has led to his rapid growth. The Galactic Council has ordered the Maw's destruction at any cost.

Galactic Bounty Hunters

Galactic Bounty Hunters exercise the might of the Galactic Council by ruthlessly putting down any lifeforms that threaten the safety of the citizenry. Galactic Bounty Hunters headquarter within giant spire towers that they land on each planet they visit, and they swarm out from the spires to capture all offending creatures.


Creatures made from molten rock and flame, Gastros were deemed a threat to be contained because of their predatory instincts and their tendency to start forest fires. Gastros exhibit pack-like behavior and fierce territorialism. Gastros are able to consume almost any creature due to their searing heat automatically barbequing their prey.


Arrogant and quick to anger, Loofers are considered highly dangerous for inexact reasons. No Loofer has ever been successfully studied or examined. In fact, no ship or equipment has ever returned from an exploratory mission. The only researcher ever to survive an encounter with a Loofer was mentally broken, only able to stammer gibberish about “all those terrible eyes.”


Heavily armored and possessing enormous size and strength, Beetulls are unstoppable juggernauts once angered. Their exoskeleton focuses its strength in a giant horn, capable of cracking apart any obstacle in their path. Beetulls can unfold wings from beneath their carapace to gain greater speed on their charges. Galactic scientists are at a loss to explain how so much power could develop from a purely vegetarian diet.


A genetically modified creature originally intended to serve as organic lighting and power sources, the rampant population explosion of Bulbouses and their unfortunate accidental electrocution of a Galactic Senator's child has led to their quarantine and executions on any planet where they are found. Bulbouses have proved extraordinarily difficult to eliminate due to their disruption of electronic equipment in their vicinity and because of their high mobility.


An extraordinary creature capable of rapidly burrowing through the ground, Puff-Tors have developed a novel method for attacking their prey: by filling their bodies with warm air, Puff-Tors are able to float high in the air, diving down to attack from unexpected directions. After attempts to catch Puff-Tors led to grisly ends of many members of the sport-fishing community, their presence was outlawed by the Galactic Council.


Cute and tender, Yums were genetically bred to be the perfect pet or appetizer. These attributes make them perfect space companions, and as a result they have populated most of the known worlds in the galaxy.


Able to hide themselves within rocks and other objects, Gloobers are a rare delicacy to capture because of their ability to blend in with any environment. Gloobers have a tender, slightly sweet flavor that is widely considered to be even better than the briskettlefish of Planet Baconia.


Oozing a mucus so rancid that Snuffles have no natural predators, Snuffles were outlawed from most of civilization because people tended to never eat again after smelling these abominations. Nevertheless, Snuffles are Maw's favorite food, and he treasures eating Snuffles above all else.

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