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08/27/2013 – PAX kicks off this weekend!  I’m always excited, but this time I’m a little bit nervous too since we have an all new booth.  Unlike our last booth design, this one is dedicated to giving you maximum hands-on time with LocoCycle on Xbox One, and thankfully I didn’t have to build it in my garage this time!  We teamed up with the badasses at Marketing Genome to work up a cool new layout idea and then turn it into reality.  Let’s hope we don’t get there and discover they built it all out of cheese!  Actually…that might not be too bad. *Writes idea in notepad.*

I’m also excited to have a new stage area for Chainsaw to do some big singings during the show.  Come by and give him some ideas for song topics, and he may just write a custom song based on your suggestion.

And it wouldn’t be a Twisted Pixel booth if we didn’t give out some awesome prizes to our fans, and this year I’m giving away an Xbox One on day one launch.  YES, I am just that crazy, but it’s because I love you!  I’m looking forward to seeing you this weekend, we’re going to have a lot of fun.  I’m literally one foot out the door to get this all set up and looking pretty for you by Friday, so you better come by and see us.  Booth #814 in the North Hall, you can’t miss it.  See you all soon, and wish me luck! 😛

LocoCycle_PAX2013_Screenshot (3)

First look screen grab from LocoCycle demo level 4-1, Bipolar Offroad

LocoCycle_PAX2013_Screenshot (6)

What’s this bad boy up to?


This little guy is ready to go home with you …and be feed to Maw.