Ms. Splosion Man iOS: UPDATE AND SALE!!

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08/01/2013 – Michael Wilford here, I’m going to give Jay a break and write this post =)

For those that don’t know, I produced the ports of Ms. Splosion Man to iOS, WP7, and PC by working with teams at Iron Galaxy, Firehose, and Panic Button.  It was one of those projects that took longer than we anticipated, but we’re extremely proud of how it turned out.  The iOS version, in particular, has a lot of added features unavailable anywhere else, including a challenge system that will make you “level up” your “fame” score in each of the game’s 25 levels.

The news today is that we just finished our first big update to the iOS version of Ms. Splosion Man and it should be coming to an iTunes App Store near you, any second now.

If you already own the game it’s worth firing up and saving your progress in the iCloud so that your savegames are accessible across devices, and to take advantage of the other countless improvements and optimizations we’ve made.

But if you’re new to Ms. Splosion Man, there’s no better time to grab it because we’re putting it on sale for 99¢ for a limited time.

We’re going to start thinking now about what should go into the next update, and we need to hear from you.  Please talk to us at or on Twitter @twisted_pixel.

Thanks for playing!